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  • Sun


    8:00 pmForum Stadtpark, Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz
    Simon Steen-Andersen Run Time Error (2009) video installation
    Ville Raasakka a natural habitat 2 (2014) for amplified violin and viola (premiere)
    Simon Løffler b (2012) for 3 musicians, 3 neonlights, effectpedals and a loose jack cable
    Jagoda Szmytka Körperwelten (2008) for amplified string instrument, audio files and video
    Michael Maierhof Plastikquartett 2 (1997) for 4 players and plastic cups
    Peter Ablinger Weiss/Weisslich 3 (1990) for ensemble
    Malin Bång a r c h i n g (2013) for amplified cello, amplified tools and electronics

    Uusinta Ensemble (Helsinki, Finland) combines instruments, objects, bodily performance and electronics in its performative concert Klang-Objekt-Körper-Klang. In Simon Løffler's work 'b' neonlights are played with skin contact attached to electronics. Malin Bång has written a work for amplified cello and timber tools such as saw and rasp. Sounds from within the human body are heard in Jagoda Szmytka's work Körperwelten.

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