Oscar Bianchi’s (Switzerland, b. 1975) Partendo (2015) for countertenor and ensemble, co-commissioned by Uusinta Ensemble, won the general category of the 63rd International Rostrum of Composers held in Wroclaw, from May 16 to 21, 2016.

Oscar Bianchi writes on his Rostrum winner piece:

Vitality, pulsing rhythms, and virtuosity are the hallmarks of the music created by Bianchi, who reveals a sensible interest in new phrasings and new ornamentations, something to be expected from someone whose ears are finely attuned to the music from all corners of the globe.

The central topic of this work is ‘leaving’ (‘partendo’ is the Italian word for ‘leaving’ ). How do we leave existing physical and intellectual places, and relatedly how can we part formerly embraced personal and historical identities? How do we select what we want, need, and wish to bring along with us and what we should, must leave behind us? What is relevant for our future as individuals and as collective groups to be brought, preserved and defended? What is actually the scale of values that we are unknowingly developing thanks to the act of ‘leaving’, ‘parting ways’?